Group 1

Group 1 is geared for the younger/ inexperienced hockey players. This is a good fit for players who have not yet been on an organized Mite hockey team or have played one year of Mites hockey and could be a termites- mite 2s. Players who are 5 years old would most likely fit into this grouping or players that have started hockey a bit later that could be up to 9 years of age . If you have questions on which group is the best fit for your child, please Contact Coach Krmp.

  • Skating stride
  • Edges (inside and outside)
  • Turns
  • Forward crossovers
  • Stops and starts
  • Backwards skating
  • Skating with a puck
  • Puck handling skills
  • Passing and shooting

Please note that we work to each player’s skill level and differentiate our instruction to best meet their individual needs.

Tuesday/Thursday 4-5pm

July 9th / July 11th   

July 16th / July 18th

July 23rd / July 25th

July 30th / August 1st

August 6th / August 8th

August 15th/ August 17th